Christmas and New Year Mushing - Weekplan


Day one

Arrival. Check out the place, unpack and settle in. We equip you with boots and additional warm clothing if you need it. Then it's time for a welcome dinner with traditional Scandinavian food. Talks about the week ahead of us.

Day two

Breakfast. Meeting dogs! Take part in the morning chores in the dog yard.

If you are a beginner, or want to refresh your knowledge of how to drive a sled, we will first have a go with you standing on the sled runners being towed behind a snowmobile. This gives you the time to get into handling a sled without dogs.

We take our first husky tour after lunch. 

We may practice a little snowshoeing after the tour, probably with headlamps on as it gets dark nice and early here. Maybe then we will take the puppies with us for a walk in the forest.

Or you might want to try a SPARK -this lovely little sled functions like a kick bike, and is the most original way of transporting oneself around the village.

Day three

Cross Country Skiing. Never tried it before? We will help you with basic instructions in the art of ski touring. We have some very simple tracks around, true beginner's conditions. Or if you are experienced you're sure to enjoy the challenge of the vast forests of Sweden .

At noon we line up the dog teams and head for lake Fiskesjön. We park the dogs by the trees along the shore, and have our lunch at a wind-shelter by the shore of the ice-covered lake.

We are now ready to test our skills with ice fishing. We make holes in the ice, and start fishing. Should we have the luck to catch a few char or trout, then dinner is decided for the evening!

Imagine something as delicious as freshly caught fish and potatoes, with some salad to go with it. Mmmm.

Day four

Sled-dog tour in the morning. Followed by a barbeque lunch in our grill-tipi at the farm.

Our nearby ski lift is the centre for the tobogganing in the afternoon. It’s exhilarating to race down the slopes on plastic mats, flying saucers, toboggans or snow racers. Then we will return home as we came: on the snowmobile.

Some of our guests enjoy an artistic expression through carving sculptures in frozen ice blocks. You are welcome to give it a go.

Day five

The day is open. Dog sledding anyone? Yes, most people want to do another tour with the dogs. It’s good for the dogs to get out on a run. 

Cross country skiing or snowshoeing, maybe? Or else tobogganing is always very popular.

Winter Walking sounds a bit strange to a Scandinavian. But why not wander along, it’s healthy as well as beautiful. There are several thousand kilometres of hard packed snowmobile trails throughout Sweden, perfectly suitable for hikes. From Skärvangen you easily have more than enough for a long daytrip taking you in different directions each day, if you so wish. There are some shelters along, where you can make a fire and eat your lunch. Just don't forget to pack your camera

Or you might prefer a horseride in the snow?

Day six

We get our dog teams ready shortly after breakfast. Today will be a full day excursion in a lovely forest area, where the silence of the true wilderness will sink into you. You'll be looking at a 40- 50 kilometre ride, along with a picnic lunch.

Back at the farm, the Sauna should be ready for us. We'll round off our week with more delicious local cuisine.

We have a number of films about dogdriving, competitions and expeditions. Maybe we'll watch one beside a roaring fire.

Day seven

After breakfast it's time to say good bye to all the dogs. Transfer to Östersund in the morning.