Family Club - Weekplan 2012



Arrive at Skärvangen. Get to know the place and meet its inhabitants. Enjoy a welcoming dinner.


Days start with breakfast about 8:30am – if that time works for you. If not, just let us know!

We do not run a rigid program – we find it is better to go with the flow. Flexibility and activity is a key phrase in the family week.

We equip you with mushing boots and a warm outfit.

We go to the dog yard together and get to know the dogs, learning about dog behavior and body language. Next, we go through the practical aspects related to sleds, lines, harnesses and other equipment, then wen practice sledding – first without dogs.

We set out on our first mushing tour after lunch. We make it a 10km (kilometers) ride with children as passengers. Adults can drive their own 4-dog teams. Learn to harness your team, set them up in front of the sled. After the tour it is time to take the dogs back to their respective kennels.

The rest of the afternoon is spent playing in the snow making snowmen and digging out caves. Maybe you want to have a go at cross-country skiing and/or snowshoeing?


We start the day with tobogganing after breakfast. We have some lovely slopes for gliding on flying sources, plastic sleds, toboggans and snow racers.

Or you might want to get back on the sled as soon as possible?

Energy left? We can do some puppy walking. Or just relax in the sauna, which is at your disposal at any time. Just make sure you light a fire, and keep it going until comfortable temperature is reached.

The skiing equipment and the snowshoes are at your free disposal. You can even go out skiing at night with a headlamp on.


First breakfast. Then our own little husky expedition where we take all we need with us for a day trip with dogs and sleighs. We take a break halfway, make a fire, grill some sausages, and have a good time. If the group and conditions allow it, the tour will be around 50km long. We will return home early afternoon, and maybe we see the Northern lights on our return journey.

Kids can help us feed the dogs after the tour. There are no restrictions about visiting of the dogyard, but we appreciate if adults accompany children when they wander around amongst the dogs. The dogs certainly appreciate people visiting them.

Entertainment time: Sometimes we see family films like Balto or films from dog races such as from the Iditarod, Finnmarkslopet or from expeditions, which gives an impression from the world of mushing.


Breakfast, then dog sledding in the morning.

Sledding and tobogganing over at the hill.

We have lunch in the big Tipi, and prepare beds for those wanting to spend the night under the canvas.


Breakfast. Sleddog tour to Lake Fiskesjön. We have a local fishing guide helping us making holes in the ice, and teaching us how to fish. With a bit of luck we could just catch enough for a very special evening meal.

Barbecue lunch at shelter by the lake.

Tobogganing has proved to be very popular amongst the younger ones (under 75). We make a last trip to the hills on skis or snowshoes. Farwell dinner.


Eat breakfast and say goodbye to all the dogs.

We provide your transfer to Östersund in the morning.