Husky Special - Weekplan 2012

1Dogsledding in the Swedish Wilderness

Sled training behind the snowmobile

Winter sunset

Happy musher and her team

Catching dinner? 

Pluto- special husky with a special sound 

Sleeping in tent among the stars and Aurora Borelis


Silent travel

Dinner time


Arrival any time afternoon or evening. We will organize a transfer from Östersund. You are then welcome to settle in and get to know the farm and its inhabitants.

The first meeting with our huskies is for the novice a mind blowing experience. Husky dogs are very friendly, excitable and will wish welcome with their lovely howls. Sled dogs are normally smaller than most newcomers expect them to be. We breed our own Alaskan Huskies as well as buy some every year.


Following breakfast we will equip you with what you need in terms of boots and additional clothing. You will then meet the dogs, observe the feeding of the dogs, (we feed a large amount of meat/water mix in the mornings)change straw in the dogs huts and simply participate in the daily dog yard service.

We will teach you about harnesses, lines, sleds and other relevant equipment in this first session. We have the possibility to give you the easiest and safest possible introduction to the art of dog sledding by pulling your sled behind a snow machine (snowmobile) while you are getting the feel of how to steer, break and hook up a sled before you actually start mushing your own husky team. This practice run will assist in minimizing trouble while en-route.

Time for our first barbecue-we have a grill-tipi on the farm. The Grill Masters creations with sausages, bacon, hamburgers and fish finger meals from the grill, some of it home-made,  are well known and much appreciated.

Now for what you came for:  10 to 15 kilometers mushing tour in the afternoon. The husky holiday guests are mostly astonished with the huskies power and eagerness to pull. A husky can run almost endlessly if they are well trained and fed. Our huskies are!

Energy left to spend? Snowshoe-walk with some puppies? Or a " spark" try-out?

Feeding time, dogs first. And they will give you the most beautiful thank you for the food. Relax with a book or as we often do; see a mushing film.


You need a good breakfast to keep you going, so do the dogs.

Our high standard of dog care is best maintained by giving the dogs a good and nourishing fish and meat soup in the mornings. A well-hydrated dog is an essential. It is nice if you would like to involve yourself in the dog care, maybe also join us on a puppy walk.

We get ourselves ready for a new tour when the dogs are "watered"..

You drive your own husky team on a 30-40 km tour, and get to practice on some curvy forest tracks, taking us into a vast open landscape. A lovely tour where you start to really get the hang of the wonders of mushing. We give the dogs a snack of meat/fish before we have our lunch.

Ice-fishing. We will try to catch some dinner during our lunchbreak. We will dig holes and try out the Sweds beloved winter activity - we just do it without having beer, since we will need drive our dogteam back home safely :-)

Feeding of dogs round 17.00 hours. We leave you to it… almost.  

Do not leave any of them unfed!!

Some enthusiasts cannot get enough and have now started

making ice sculptures – which is creative, fun and rewarding.


Morning routine (watering and yard cleaning). If it suits and you feel ready for it, we can add a dog or two to your team to give you more power. 40 km ride – hold on.

Skis, Nordic Walking, Snowshoes, Snowmobile, Riding, Sauna - all up to you and the energy you have left.

Tobogganing – having fun racing down a hill on plastic sleds. Take this opportunity - it is a thrilling experience.

Dinner time. fish of course; filleted, smoked and grilled, served as the delicacy it is.

Our little survival expedition starting tomorrow will require planning and packing.


Rigging for our winter camping dog sledding adventure. We bring with us all gear and food for the dogs and people. Expeditions, short or long, it takes time to get it all together, and we recon on being off at noon.

Camp spot some 30 k away. We park the dogs on stake out lines when we arrive at our camp. First of all one takes care of the dogs. Tasks are being shared out. 

We drill a hole in the ice for taking up water. The water is fresh and clean. 

Rig the mobile fodder cooker, and we get going on preparing the evening meal for the dogs. Tents and tipi get raised. Evening meal in the tipi.

To make the adventure complete, there is nothing like sleeping out in the open – increases your chances of seeing Aurora Borealis.

It is all rather basic when we are on tours like this. You learn a lot and experience a closeness to the environment you couldn’t otherwise imagine being possible. Eating out at night get a new dimension. 


Last day on the sled. Many thoughts and feelings coming to you as we cruise along over marshes, hills and through forests. Husky tours are special in the sense that it is such a silent way of gliding through the nature, but it is also a challenge to make sure one interferes with the wild life as little as possible.

Sustainable tourism put into practice. The tours take place in areas where reindeer husbandry is common. We take special care not to disturb the reindeers. We don’t see moose (elk) on every tour, hope you are lucky.

Some forest birds like ptarmigan and black grouse are common, some deer’s, some lynx tracks, all there, soak it all in. Wolverine are often seen around the reindeer herds. The bears are hibernating, just as well. Your team of dedicated huskies have become your friends.

A new world has opened to you.

Well back home sauna and shower will do us good now. We offer to copy everyone’s photos on a DVD or to your memory stick, then you probably have some 1000 lovely memories. Grand evening meal with local specialties to complete an unforgettable week. Last look out for Northern Lights? You have travelled well, you have eaten well, but you did not find time to try out all available activities? Ok then, come back next year.