Travel to Husky Holiday


The Destination:

Husky Holiday is located in Skärvången since summer 2013, 85 km north of Östersund, in the heart of Jämtland, Sweden.

Skärvången ...

is mostly known for its Bymejeri and its cheese. 

How to get here?

The airport/city to head for is Östersund. 

Suggestion 1: train travel from Stockholm

The train journey from Stockholm takes around 5.5 hours.
To book your train journey visit:

Suggestion 2: train travel via Norway

Look up for cheap flights to Trondheim, Norway. From Trondheim airport, it is a 3 hour train journey ( to Östersund. Trondheim itself is an interesting place to visit. To find out more visit

Suggestion 3: fly to Östersund from Stockholm

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and NextJet fly from Stockholm Arlanda to Östersund. Low fare airline Ryanair flies from a number of European destinations to both Skavsta and Västerås outside Stockholm.

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Many choose to stay an extra night in Stockholm before travelling up to Östersund. Visit for more information on the city.

Suggestion 4: drive to Östersund from or via Germany

If you choose to drive from or via Germany there are 3 usual ways:

1. Take the ferry from Kiel-Oslo, then drive 640 kilometres (about 8 hours) to Östersund. This option has the least amount of driving involved.
2. Drive to Fredrikshavn in Denmark and take the ferry to Göteborg in Sweden. Then drive on to Östersund. This option is a popular one.
3. Drive Putgarten-Rødby, Helsingør-Helsingborg. This option will cost more in petrol, but less in ferry tickets and will take about 24 hours in total from Hamburg.

If you drive: hit the E14 out of Östersund in the direction of Åre/Trondheim until you reach a big roundabout in Krokom. There take the first exit towards Föllinge/Valsjöbyn, about 1km after this big roundabout you'll hit another one. There take the third exit towards Valsjöbyn, it is the road number 340. Follow this road for about 60km and you will drive through the village of Skärvången. After you drove by the Bymejeri you will see a blue bus stop on the left side of the road and just after this turn left on the small road. Follow this road until you hit the first farm on the left. Welcome!