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Alex and Julie, January 2016

Husky Holidays


The canine cacophony is way past the maximum volume for any safe recording. The chosen group of four legged athletes anticipate that soon they will be doing something which every fibre in their eager bodies demand of them. Run and pull. Some bark, others howl or snap and bicker with the animal next to them. For Emma and Morris the waiting is too much, they become ‘vertical take-off’ dogs propelling themselves skyward. Without their line and buckle...

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Family Club 2011 - The Dune Family

Family clubKatrina: A week with Husky Holiday is quite simply amazing. Every day we learnt something new from harnessing the dogs, understanding each dog’s personality and actually driving our own team. This holiday is for dog lovers and people who enjoy the outdoors and nature.

Brian: This was pure personal service. Anita, Manuel a...

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Husky Special Week 6 2011

HUSKY SPECIALHusky Holiday ( is run by Manuel and Anita, a young Swiss couple who have a farm some 60km north of Östersund in Sweden. From there they offer tailored sled dog holidays, where their 30 or so Alaskan huskies take up to four guests for a week at a time.

The week-long trip was based from the farmhouse, so on all but one night there wa...

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Husky Special

HUSKY SPECIALAn excellent holiday in beautiful country. The dogs were great. I particularly appreciated the flexibility shown by Anita and Manuel, who were more than happy to adjust their usual itinerary to fit in things I particularly wanted to see/do.

Thanks guys - see you next year


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