Family Club - Clothing and Gear List

1Huskies-dressed up by nature

Preparing dinner on overnight tour

Comfort zone No 1

Dogsledding at its best!

Goggles can come in handy

Forgot your toothbrush?

We provide you with a couple of essentials

No extra charge.

-Boots. We provide some heavy warm boots for the tours on the sled.
-Overall. We have plain thermo overalls that keep you warm (looking like the Michelin man)
-Insulation mats and reindeer skins

Items we recommend you bring yourself


  • Warm, long underwear. Bring 2 sets to be on the safe side. Merino wool is best, but other materials can also be used.
  • Thick woollen socks, minimum 2 pairs.
  • Mittens (wool or fleece).
  • Windproof gloves (not finger gloves) to have over the mittens.
  • Thin fleece finger gloves, for handling dogs/harnessing etc..
  • Scarf
  • Beanie or warm hat
  • Pullover or sweater, we recommend you bring 2.
  • Outdoor outfit, like a ski suit, trousers and jacket, or a warm parka, just something additional to the thermo overalls.
  • Some comfortable clothes and slippers for wearing inside.


  • Headlamp (remember an extra battery). This is especially important for those setting out on overnight tours. And in December and January where we have good daylight only between 9am and 3pm. Also good for when you are out at night and when you just want to have a lamp.
  • Sun glasses, and take skiing glasses with you, too, if you have got them.
  • Sun cream/ face cream, toothbrush, toothpaste.
  • Travel bag, light and soft, to carry your things in. Waterproof is good.
  • Snacks - whatever you like.
  • Hand/finger warmers, can come in useful, but is normally not essential.


We have plenty of stuff avaible for you to use. Just let us know.