Puppies 2013



This year, we bread our female Pippi, which we bought in February from Finland. She is quite small, but a good leader and very hard working. She is out of a longdistance linebreeding, so we decided to do an outcross, which means completly different lines from the fathers side...aaaaand the lucky guy was Charlie, one of our young males who already proved good sleddog qualities :-)

The puppies are 6 weeks old now, Pipi is getting tired of them - I can understand, it is a hard job to have 8 kids...I can only imagines, since I have only 3. We have just started to take them for a walk (we try anyway, they do not want to leave the kennel yet). I like them the most when they are that old. Before the just look like rats, and afterward, they are a pain in the ass...until they are about 1 year old - no teenagers anymore :-)

I will go cuddle them now, have a nice day out there