Autumn Adventure Multi Activity Holidays 2015


Multi Activity Holiday. Autumn Training and Conditioning of dog sledding Huskies

Autumn is a beautiful season- that’s when it all comes together:
Harvesting from nature while summer meets winter.. Berries and mushrooms, fish and meat are all to be collected for the winter. The display of autumn colors in September is in itself the photo enthusiast’s paradise.

It is a great time for us husky people - we condition dogs 

to be in best possible shape to meet the long winter rides. Dogs love running while - we lazily watch them from the quad bike. 

Food – good and plentiful,
prepared over an open fire on star lit nights listening to the wolf like howls from the dog yard are among the most romantic experiences imaginable.

Mountain hikes or cross country skiing 
Let mother nature decide. Autumn husky holiday is active, rejuvenating and exciting. If the lakes are not frozen yet we can even paddle them with our canoes or get to know the nature from the back of our horses.