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Dog sledding safaris and outdoor adventures in the vast wilderness of Jämtland, Sweden.

Fancy an adventureous week with powerful dogs or rather a relaxing day trip in Swedens beautiful nature?

Our alaskan huskies offer you what suits you most. Together with an experienced tour-guide they show you the breathtaking scenery of northern jämtland.


2.4.2015 Our relaxing area is growing

1.11.2014 - Snow season has already started

Falltrainin is going great, we started to build up the dogs again after their summer holiday in august, now we run already 25 km a day, that's a new record for that time of the year, so proud of my best buddies! They are all doing a great job, it is hard to stop them...and we also already had our first snowstorm with alsmost half a meter new snow, but of course it got warm again and it nearly all melted away again. Now is snowing again, white is a great color...for landscapes anyway, not for clothes when working with dogs....


May I present: Our future trail-runners

29.9.2013 - Puppy time

Pippi gave birth to 8 wonderful little puppys (could not get them all in one picture). They are 6 weeks now and we started to take them for a walk - we try anyway, sice they are not very eager yet to leave the kennel. 6 males an 2 females - and it is the G-Litter, so if you have a good name with G - let us know, so far only 2 have a name. From the right: Google and Gizmo.